About Me

Thanks for visiting this site. I’m Mark, and I wish you a warm welcome!

I enjoy designing and building things that people enjoy or find useful—whether it be a mobile app, website, chatbot, NAS made of Raspberry Pi, or bread toaster!

This site showcases some of the various creative projects I have worked on in recent years. To see some of the projects I’ve worked on, head to the Featured projects page.

I currently work as an iOS Engineer at Pulselive, helping to build game-changing apps for sports leagues and federations to help them engage with sports fans all over the world.

More About Me

I'm a software engineer currently based in London, United Kingdom. I specialise in creating iOS & iPad apps that cater to various domains, leveraging my expertise in mobile app development. I am dedicated to crafting straightforward and user-centric mobile interfaces. My extensive experience in software development has provided me with a solid understanding of diverse frameworks and technologies and a history of consistently delivering top-notch iOS applications.

As a software engineer, my project portfolio spans from small business apps to extensive enterprise solutions. My journey has been a continuous learning experience, driving me to enhance my skills and remain current with the latest advancements in the Apple ecosystem.

I am always looking for new business opportunities to work on exciting projects and make a meaningful impact through my work. If you'd like to reach out, please feel free to contact me.